by Michael Lynch

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Michael's first EP earned the following reviews:
TORPEDO POP, Goran Obradovic
Seeing the artist's own song comments before actually writing a review, always makes it more fun for me, while waiting to hear if I agree with what he/she has to say.

In case of Michael Lynch, his descriptions will mostly lead you towards the right direction, leaving enough space for you to fantasize. Sometimes, you'll expect one thing and get something completely different, discovering that he was right after all.

That is the case with the track "Act Of Kindness" which, he says, is "The Kinks-meet-The E-Types," making me wait for a Mersey-flavoured Kinky rifferama while instead, it's a quirky little popsike gem, mixing 'Something Else' with "Put The Clock Back On The Wall."

The title song's supposed to be of "The Zombies/Brummels trade cooking recipes," which it really is, pairing Ron Eliott-like verses with the (Chris) White-coloured chorus, while "Happy For You Babe," according to Michael, retains the same folk-rocking vibe and I'd go even further, describing it like an imaginary Turtles' demo of another Dylan tune.

Though the first thing that the title "Picture Me Gone" recalls is Dave Berry's great cover of Evie Sands' song, it's actually another stab at harmonious jangly popsike in the vein of maybe The Critters and the closer "Won't You Hear My Song," justifies Michael's reasons to call his label Nanker, if you know what I mean, and if you don't, you probably wouldn't be reading this in the fist place.

Oh, and by the way, this IS the way it should be!

SHINDIG, Jon 'Mojo' Mills
Anyone who isn't a 'Shindig!' reader may guffaw at this collection due to the tunes' approximation of the mid-60s. But then that 's exactly the point here, and the dweebs at the NME who would criticise this and then give The Coral's (may I say wonderful) 'Magic & Medicine' a praise worthy review (even if the album is trading on '60s-doms) just goes to show the insanity of the modern world. Yes, the average rock crit these days is clueless! On one hand their favouritism towards old sounds is great ... but then again, it's a style that they hated last year... and so on. A vicious, predictable cycle! The point: '60s sounding bands have never had it better, but those who openly admit to playing in the style of the era will remain to be slandered for eternity. Okay rant over... but these sure are weird times that we're living in!

Michael Lynch has no qualms in admitting that the music he makes is a direct response to the records that soundtrack his life. '60s records!!! Admittedly I hadn't heard his take on '60s garage pop up until now and have been more than presently surprised by these five songs, as they really do capture the essence of mid-'60s American teen bands inspired by The Beatles, Byrds and big hook laden choruses. "That's Not The Way It Should Be" comes across like Preflytye era Byrds, "Happy For You Babe" veers towards a mid-tempo Mersey flavour not unlike The E-Types, "Act of Kindness" echoes The Sound of '67 Paul Revere & The Raiders and a forlorn Turtles/Association vibe is achieved on "Won't You Hear My Song." All memorable pop tunes!

No boundaries are being broken. But then there's nothing quite like the honesty that only a sparse jangling guitar, a simple melody and a tambourine can provide is there? And Michael does this wonderfully!

The term garage is now a misdemeanour, so if you wanna hear the type of garage music that SD magazine craves for, it's here. Recommended!

GARAGE AND BEAT, Edwin Letcher
This CD offers up a handful of tunes that remind me of the upbeat sounds of the late '60s bands that opted to stick with love songs rather than sing the praises of L.S.D.

TWIST AND SHAKE, Beverly Paterson
A seamless stream of punchy pop melodies, carefully conceived arrangements and resonant guitar dynamics, (the songs) dial in as the sort of tunes you'll develop an immediate addiction to. Warm and friendly production values, coupled with the overall feel of the material make That's Not The Way It Should Be sound as if it really was recorded in the sixties. Yet Michael projects enough of his own vision into his thoughtfully crafted songs, so there is no shortage of originality.

Can You Tell He Digs the Stones?

When this quarryman isn't doing the hully gully, he's chiseling the most finely crafted garage-rock since the Pebbles series. Michael Lynch (of Gaits of Eden and Dawn Patrol jingle fame) has a smashing new CD EP, yours truly wrote the liners, and you are all invited to buy it, or at least sample it from Michael's


released August 2, 2003



all rights reserved


Michael Lynch New York, New York

New York '60s-inspired garage pop folk/rock bubblegum singersonger Michael Lynch would love for you to sample his tunes as if you were going through a stack of vintage 45s, in hopes they give you the same sense of enjoyment. His songs are usually between two and three minutes, and each aims to take you for a nice melodic journey before letting you off safely. ... more

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